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Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Pergolesi's Fortune - Authentic and spurious works for keyboard  

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Concerto 2083

Stereo DDD
Total time: 63'28''
8 pages Booklet

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
CD 2083
Marco Sollini, piano
[1] Sonata in re maggiore - Allegro moderato 1:56
[2] Sonata in do maggiore - Allegretto 4:37
[3] Sonata in sol maggiore - Allegro 3:02
[4] Sonata in sol maggiore - Allegro 2:25
[5] Sonata in do maggiore - Andantino 2:30
[6] Sonata in si bemolle maggiore - Andante 3:17
[7] Suite n.1 in mi maggiore - Sarabanda 3:09
[8] Suite n.1 in mi maggiore - Giga 2:02
[9] Suite n.1 in mi maggiore - Rondò 2:18
[10] Suite n.1 in mi maggiore - Minuetto 3:02
[11] Suite n.2 in mi maggiore - Preludio 4:11
[12] Suite n.2 in mi maggiore - Allemanda 3:16
[13] Suite n.2 in mi maggiore - Minuetto 3:43
[14] Suite n.3 in re maggiore - Allemanda 5:45
[15] Suite n.3 in re maggiore - Minuetto 3:32
[16] Suite n.3 in re maggiore - Gavotta con Variazioni (1/5) 9:13
[17] Sonata in fa maggiore - Allegro moderato 5:21

Pergolesi's posthumous fame was so great that the request for his works could not be met fairly. So, through the years unscrupulous publishers put his name on other musicians' works. It was also for these reasons that a quite peculiar occurrence took place in those years: the proliferation of hundreds of apocryphal works that fueled Pergolesi's fortune until recent times. One of these examples is the "Amici della Musica da camera" edition (Roma, 1939-1942). Such publication was wrongly consulted by producers, performers and critics, and from this very edition the music pieces proposed in this work are taken, in an effort to enlighten, through the lens of keyboard repertoire, some pages which owe their notoriety to Pergolesi's myth, without which they would probably be unknown or disregarded today. They are not works by Pergolesi but they are testimonials of his fortune. (from the booklet notes written by Simone Caputo)

Iconography: Gianluca Corona, L'ostacolo - 2011, oil on board, 25x35 (Salamon Gallery)


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