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Pietro Mascagni: Ode TO JOY: Cantata for solo voices, choir and piano  

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Concerto 2089

Stereo DDD
Total time: 71'32''
12 pages Booklet

Pietro Mascagni
CD 2089
Andrea Trovato, piano
Ennio Clari, director
Coro "Città di Firenze", choir
[1] Invocazione (Tenor and Choir) 2'52''
[2] Romanza (Baritone) 3'23''
[3] Quartetto con coro (Soli and Choir) 4'37''
[4] Preghiera a sole voci (Soprano, Tenor, Bass, Choir 5'04''
[5] Romanza (Tenor) 2'32''
[6] Coretto (Choir) 2'05''
[7] Romanza (Soprano) 4'53''
[8] Arioso (Bass) 2'59''
[9] Romanza (Bass) 2'32''
[10] Danze (Piano) 7'29''
[11] Brindisi e Fuga (Choir) 7'35''
[12] Preludino (Piano) 1'24''
[13] Romanza (Soprano) 3'30''
[14] Giuramento (Choir) 3'42''
[15] Quartetto (Soli) 9'21''
[16] Finale (Soli and Choir) 7'30''

With its monumental structure, Alla gioja looks like a typical conservatory work. Many decades later an older Mascagni judged it to be «a composition beyond my reach» despite «the great beauty that it contains». The only exception was salvaging the baritone's romanza for "Qui sedes" in the Messa di Gloria. For almost fifty years, the scores for orchestra and for voice and piano mysteriously disappeared, and it was only recently that the manuscript was returned to Mascagni's heirs, who have generously made it available for the edition edited by Ennio Clari. Thus, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mascagni, Alla gioja has been brought back to life.

Iconography: Silvia Molinari, Fiori di pesco, watercolour on paper, inches 11,8 x 15,7 (Salamon Gallery)


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