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01 December 2012

19 November 2012

10 November 2012

30 September 2012

22 May 2012

We are glad to present to the public our New Release on Castelnuovo-Tedesco which will be soon available in the major record stores.Maestro Tampalini and Maestro Azzolini will be presenting the recording on the following days: May 23rd at 4:00 pm in Bozen at the Libreria Mardi GrasMay 24th at 6:00 ... (continue)
18 April 2012
RAI Radio 3 "Primo Movimento" presenting Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Informing you that RAI Radio 3 "Primo Movimento" is presenting on April 24 at 9:30 our new recording dedicated to Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Excellent performance by the Haydn Orchestra and by Maestro Giulio Tampalini at the guitar. CD Concerto 2072 Enjoy your listening! (continue)
06 April 2012
Luchesi on RAI Radio 3
On April 12 you will have the opportunity to listen to the presentation of Andrea Luchesi which will be aired on RAI Raio 3 at 9:30 am Have a nice listening! (continue)
29 February 2012
Review 5 stars on Classicaonline - Davide Cabassi *CD Concerto 2064 *
Herewith posted a review by Bruno Belli which you find on Classiconline from February the 28th.Without any doubt among  our most interesting New Releases which would be a pity to miss.   (continue)
16 February 2012
Reviews on our CD recently released and dedicated to the Italian composer Andrea Luchesi
We are very pleased to introduce you a great review published on MUSICA magazine which has been dedicated to our CD Concerto 2069 on Piano Sonatas & Rondos by Andrea Luchesi.Enjoy the reading!   (continue)
13 February 2012
interviewing the pianist Roberto Plano
We are herewith giving you the opportunity to read the interview which has been made on January the 27th to the pianist Roberto Piano in occasion of the showcase held in Varese (town where Plano was born) where we introduced our New Release dedicated to the Italian composer Andrea Luchesi. (continue)
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