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Concerto: The Five Senses of Italian Music

The ambition that drives us to think and propose CDs and classical music scores is very simple and may be summarised in one word: we work for the "Joy" of the five senses, including the one that in ancient times, either in the East or West, was considered as the sixth sense:  "The Mind".
 In fact, we try to please the hearing with the purity of the digital sound as well as the  beauty of the music proposed. At the same time  we are also offering to the eyes the enjoyment of rare images, often of contemporary artists. To the "taste" we are able to offer an enjoyment of rare, or famous repertoires.  To the mind we make an effort to ensure joy: the one of knowledge by crossing new paths (without forgetting the old wise saying res severa magnum gaudium: the greater the difficulty, the greater the satisfaction). Our paths cross mainly all over Italy, intended as dimension of the spirit, heritage of all nations, a sort of an ideal Italy.
Mostly Italian repertoires, mostly Italian artists, where at best means to remain open minded to the great European tradition, through a continuous and prolific cultural exchange which has always connected our Peninsula to the rest of the great European civilization throughout the centuries.

A CD Concerto strikes the sensitivity both for the beauty of the sound and recording and for the care about covers and texts. All accompanied by intransigent editorial choices, where the reason guides the research in discovering those  authors and repertoires which are not so popular, but of very high quality. A sort of an artisan shop of sounds and prints through the use of  high technologies and know-how of the XXI century.

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