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Concerto 2078-2

Stereo DDD
Total time: 138'39''
12 pages Booklet

Antonín Dvořák

CD 2078-2
Trio di Parma, piano, violin, cello
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CD 2 (explode)

Dvořák sank his roots in the venerable soil of his country's popular culture, but it is important to recognize that his education was also based on studying the classics(Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann) and to acknowledge his relationship with his contemporaries, Liszt and Brahms, as well. The period when the four compositions, collected in this publication and performed by the Trio di Parma, were written spanned from 1875 to 1891. The mid-seventies saw an important turning point in the composer's life, a kind of personal reassessment that even led him to destroy some of his own works. Many circumstances contributed to causing Dvořák to shift his focus from the theatrical world, and consequently away from the influence of Smetana, to focus more specifically on chamber music. As the late Arrigo Quattrocchi well noted, the Bohemian musician had integrated in this genre with Ťa kind of redemption so that, from Schumann onwards, this type of production disowned its original, noncommittal, detached cordiality, to lean towards a density and thickness of lines and weight which create a sound that often suggests a symphony orchestrať. Booklet notes by Gian Paolo Minardi (La Gazzetta di Parma).

Iconography: Gianluca Corona, Composizione con mele (part.), 2012, oil on canvas, cm 55x80


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