Ignacio Cervantes Ciudad de La Habana, 1847 - 1905   Ignacio Cervantes
Ciudad de La Habana, 1847 - 1905


Born in Ciudad de La Habana, on July 31, 1847, died in the same city on March 29, 1905.
Ignacio Cervantes studied music and piano in La Habana with Nicolas Ruiz Espadero and Louis Moreau Gottschalk and continued his studies at the  Imperial conservatory in Paris with the great teachers Antoine Francois Marmontel  and Charles Arkan. There, he was the recipient of the First Place Award in Piano and two more for Harmony and Counterpoint and Fugue. He established close relationships with the likes of Rossini, Liszt, Gounod and Paderewski.
As a concert artist, he specialized in the romantic repertoire as well as his own works. As such, he played at the premier stages in France, Spain, United States, Mexico and Cuba. He was a member of historic duets with violinists Jose White and Rafael Diaz Albertini and the accompanist for renowned singers Cristina Nilsson and Adelina Patti.
Due to his participation in the fight for Cuban independence from Spain,  he was forced to go into exile, but that ordeal did not prevent him from composing symphonic and chamber  music, one opera, one zarzuela, several pieces for voice and piano and very meritorious piano music, mostly his Danzas Cubanas, the subject of this recording.                                            

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